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I’m holding a giveaway of hand-signed Tomb Raider art print for my Twitter and Facebook followers. Hop on if you’re on any of those platforms! Rules are on the corresponding social media accs :heart:

Good luck! :blowkiss: Or go make your own luck ;)

And I'm on Instagram too now! Future art giveaway are gonna include it as well so don't miss your chance.

Hello darlings!

I'm not exactly an active blog writer, but when I make an entry I do have smth important to say! :D There's been a great ton of absolutely amazing an exciting things going on due to the #TombRaider20 anniversary which gave me a solid excuse to finally stop pushing back an idea I had for ages.

You all know Tomb Raider has been my biggest inspiration ever since I fell in love with the franchise, and those who know me very well are well aware that AoD is one of my all time favorites, which I'm absolutely crazy about still. And despite all the intense love/hate clashes on the game itself, you'd all agree that it had the most interesting and fascinating characters in the history of the whole franchise. And for me personally one of the most exciting things is translating all those old-gen graphics into the real life renditions, the way I imagined them (hyper realistic graphics these days sends your imagination right to hibernation, c'mon). So this is exactly what I've attempted to do with this AoD tribute project of mine!

Let's get to business already, shall we :la: So as my tribute to the #TombRaider20 anniversary I've painted a series of stylized portraits depicting all of the main Angel of Darkness characters the way I imagined them in reality. All those lil guys are wrapped up and ready to see the world, so to keep the boulder (yes! :XD:) rolling I'll be releasing a portrait every Monday starting this week! So stay tuned guys, I'm very excited about the whole thing, had a real blast working on it, so hope it'll come to your liking as well! :salute:

I'll be posting the series on all of my social network places so feel free to raid any of your choice (pinkie promise, no death traps!)

I am a dummy! BLOG
Twitter  TWITTER
Facebook  FACEBOOK

As a little tribute already will drop here a reworked version of my old AoD piece so you don't get bored waiting for Monday! :la:

Fugitive - updated version by Inna-Vjuzhanina

And I absolutely can't wrap it up without a HUGE shout out to my beautiful friend Jenni Milward aka Greenkey2 for providing me with a huge inspirational boost to complete the project and giving valuable tips on the characters personalities. This epic lady also happens to be an official unofficial voice of Lara Croft and a super talented writer (among other awesome things!) who's also cooking up an epic anniversary tribute project which you can check out at her new shiny web site! (c'mon, admit it TR people, we all love shiny!) 

Busy girl, gotta go! :blowkiss:

P.S. Question to the fans: how many coconuts would Lara have by now? :rofl:

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Tue Feb 9, 2016, 9:28 AM
Hey everyone! :heart:

Finally finished setting up the prints store thingie. Check out Society6 store! :dummy:

Peace :blowkiss:

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Hey lovelies!

I've been getting this question a bunch of times so I finally got to compiling this all in a single post. Gonna be showing how I usually work on a piece dissecting my old Tomb Raider one. Not my best work, but I had all the steps and files saved for this one so I could explain every stage.

So take a looksie at the link below and if you have any questions drop me a question in the blog! :heart:…

P.S. A lil disclaimer: this process does not apply to my sketches and stuff. Those suckers just happen. Slap some paint, scribble around for few hours. Done. Next. :D

Tomb Raider by Inna-Vjuzhanina

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New Account!

Tue Nov 11, 2014, 1:27 PM

So dear ladies and gentleman, due to certain circumstances I’ve decided to leave this account…


You bought that, didn’t ya? :D Kidding of course, no way! Buuuut, I as a matter of fact, I am getting an additional account.

 My awesome lady Pencil-Stencil and I are doing a lot of Tomb Raider collaborations together which oftentimes we don’t show anywhere apart from the project those were made for (since we want to keep certain quality standard to our main galleries). So eventually that stuff just gets lost in the nets of web. Not anymore, we’re getting a mutual account for our Tomb Raider stuff only!

:heart: -----> :iconlararobsgraves: <------ :heart:

We’ll be posting all sorts of TR stuff starting from silly goofy TR comics and ending with more polished stuff. And all of you who’s been complaining that you can’t follow me on twitter of FB for my random sketches that I don’t post here - all my TR doodliness can be found there now! So, Tomb Raider fans, we’ll be happy to see you as our watchers! :heart:

We’ll be offering really affordable collaborative commissions as well to keep our Tomb-Raider-Empire group going and make even more of contests prizes and giveaways for the members so check that out too!

That’s it for now, love ya, artsy and non-artsy people, thanks for dropping by! :blowkiss:

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Hey there artsy people! :D

A fellow artist shared this link with me so I though I'd share it with you guys too. It's an e-book written by written by Clint Clearley (Wizards of the Coast). I already skimmed through it, wish I had it when I've been starting out! Absolutely wonderful resource for all the beginners, more advanced people will find some useful tips too. Highly recommend for everybody who's on that bumpy road of studying and improving (and we all are actually. forever :XD:)!

Download here =>…

Cheers! :heart:  

Hey there lovely people!


I have a bit of news for you. Finally got to setting up myself twitter and facebook accounts so if you’re out there too let’s be friends :D All fun little things and life updates will go there, but mainly those two are for art stuff of course. Planning to post there all the sketches, some studies, walkthroughs and small tuts. In a word – all artsy stuff that is not dA worthy, yet worth sharing. :D


And speaking of which, wanna share with you some steps of the process of creation Maleficent. Do you think this “process of” thing is more suitable for posting on twitter or facebook, or perhaps both? Lemme know in the comment below. :heart:


Tons of love to everyone, see you in the other social realms! :blowkiss:




Graphic Novel!

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 25, 2012, 3:12 AM
Hi guys! Hopefully you're enjoying these last days of summer and vacation as well. I've got a big thing to update you onto - today I'm starting working on a big graphic novel! I'm super-duper excited over the project, but naturally I will go MIA with other projects I promised you. I will get to them for sure, don't worry, just will have to be not so active on dA for a while.

This talented artist has got a great story to tell you and I will do my best turning words into art. You can already check the gorgeous teaser pages he created at the group's gallery => :iconback-to-the-middle: And many more will follow created by me already. We're very excited over the project and would truly appreciate your support! Love you all, will update on the novel soon! :blowkiss:

It won't ever stop :D

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 8, 2012, 8:11 AM
Yes, tagging. It's unstoppable force :XD: And that's funny that I write journal entries just to reply tags. Maybe miracle will happen and I start to write more meaningful stuff :D And so far - tagged by :iconthe-fantasy-goddess:. I'll just reply the questions since I loved them and I'm not in the mood for inventing some cool ones on my own.  :salute:

1. Who's your fav. game character?

Isn't that obvious? :XD:

2. If you could see anyone in concert, who would it be?

Mmmmm... clueless. Not eager to see anyone, to be honest, but if I did have such chance I would set to Britney.  School love :XD:

3. Who's your most hated game character?

Nope, not telling that even if you torture me.  :iconicameplz:  The reasons of hatred too idiotic to be said out loud :rofl:

4. What's your fav. book?

Not a book worm, but I guess that would be "Lovely Bones". I wrote a heap uni tasks on this one, such deep literature analyses had its consequences. :love:

5. If you broke into a mall and could get into any of the stores, what would you steal? (you wouldn't be caught)

Jewelery!!! Yay for bling-blings! :iconilovekrissiplz: *magpie mode*

6. What would you do if you randomly found Thor's hammer?

Rule the world! :iconhurrhurrplz:

7. What game do you want to be remade the most?

I know what game I want to be continued the most. :iconverynotimpressedplz: Ok, remade... Definitely TR II. But could you please leave yetis out, pretty please? I've had my dose of "shitting-bricks-session" already :rofl:  

8. You turn a corner in a city and there's a huge dragon right in front of you. I mean really, what are you gonna do?

Kill the bitch! I've got Thor hammer, remember? :icontonguewaggleplz:

9. What language do you want to learn?

Old Egyptian.

10. What power do you want most?

To freeze the time, dammit. A day definitely has not enough hours in it.

Tagging in da house! XD

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 29, 2011, 2:27 PM
No, you're hallucinating, this is not my journal entry. :XD: Actually it is. First journal entry in a year. Cool, huh? :D I've never replied to that tagging stuff, but I guess this time I just like the questions. So tagged by my dear :iconincrediblywicked:, let's get started. :salute:   


1 - You must post these rules (VERY Important )
2 - Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3 - Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4 - You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5 - Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6 - No tag backs
7 - No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately (AKA, really, truly with all honesty) have to tag 10 people.
:bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletpink:

So ten things about myself… I'll try to remember some interesting trifles…

1. I hate raisins. I'm always picking them out from pancakes and buns and piling on the table.
2. I'm a helpless magpie with eternal love for shiny things. I can spend all my money in a jewelry or bijouterie shop. I even have a big box where I store the adornments I don't wear any more (I don't even remember what's there).
3. I totally adore big dogs and little fluffy bunnies. Bunnies are the cutest animals in the universe in my book. :heart:
4. When I was very little and my parents first took me to the sea I just spread my arms aside and walked like that in the water and when it reached above my head I just kept walking underwater. Since then I totally adore sea. :XD:
5. I'm a night type of person. Night it's when I'm in a great mood, full of energy, inspiration and stuff. I hate all the universe and horribly irritable in the mornings (regardless of the fact if my morning starts at six or eleven o'clock).
6. When I first climbed a horse it tried to throw me down. Epic fail with that though. =P
7. I have an unhealthy love for poking my nose where I shouldn't. :D
8. When I was a kid I used to punch and bite all the boys in the yard and then hurriedly jump onto grandma's lap with angelic face of total innocence. :XD:  
9. I'm talking to the computer when I play some game. :XD: :crazy:
10. I like rescuing mice from mousetraps. :D

:bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletpink:

1.If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be?
Nikki Reed.
2. Do you care about your weight?
I'm not paranoid calculating every calorie I eat, but won't be glutting myself with chocolates at midnight either.  
3. What do you think about tumblr?
Couldn't care less. :D
4. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
Everywhere, really. Egypt, Nepal and China are first on the list. :
5. What is your favorite movie?
Moulin Rouge.
6. Who is your idol?
Lady Croft, the one and only. :heart: When I was at school it used to be Natalie Portman. Values change. :D
7. If a stranger came up to you and said, "I know who you are", what would you do?
Oh crap, you blew up my cover. Now I'll have to kill you. :XD:
8. What's your favorite meal?
9. How much time do you spend on the internet?
Can we skip this question, pwetty pwease? :D :blushes:
10. How much (and which) languages do you speak?
Five: Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Italian (a bit).

:bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletpink:

OK, my turn to interrogate. :D

1) What was the craziest thing you've done in your life?
2) What was the furthest border you curiosity pushed you to?
3) Do you remember your biggest childhood dream?
4) If you could take only 5 things to the desert island what would that be?
5) Have a song ever made you cry?
6) What was the longest time you've been holding a grudge against smb.?
7) If you could get a role in a movie what would that be?
8) If there's a mass obsession with some movie/book/artist and you don't like it, would you keep your dislike to yourself or would do your best to prove to everybody that it's a piece of shit?
9) Name the funniest word you can think of.
10) Have you ever lost best friends?

Victims list: :iconpencil-stencil:, :iconorphen5:, :iconsariruoskanen:, :iconmuza4370:, :iconforty-fathoms:, :iconmistertotality:, :iconmorcegan:, :iconcrimsomnia:, :iconvalkyyria:, :iconjamseye:.

If you guys don't feel like posting a new journal entry and going through all the procedure you can answer my questions in the comments. I'd really love to hear your replies. Love you all, waiting forward to the answers! :blowkiss: